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802                                             In the Train

AS we rush, as we rush in the Train,
  The trees and the houses go wheeling back,
But the starry heavens above the plain
  Come flying on our track.
All the beautiful stars of the sky,
  The silver doves of the forest of Night,
Over the dull earth swarm and fly,
  Companions of our flight.
We will rush ever on without fear;
  Let the goal be far, the flight be fleet!
For we carry the Heavens with us, dear,
  While the earth slips from our feet!

803                                                 Gifts

GIVE a man a horse he can ride,
  Give a man a boat he can sail;
And his rank and wealth, his strength and health,
  On sea nor shore shall fail.
Give a man a pipe he can smoke,
  Give a man a book he can read:
And his home is bright with a calm delight,
  Though the room be poor indeed.
Give a man a girl he can love,
  As I, O my love, love thee;
And his heart is great with the pulse of Fate,
  At home, on land, on sea.

804                                                The Vine

THE wine of Love is music,
     And the feast of Love is song:
And when Love sits down to the banquet,
     Love sits long:

Sits long and arises drunken,
     But not with the feast and the wine;
He reeleth with his own heart,
     That great, rich Vine.


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